Genuine Hyundai Parts

Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested under various simulated extreme conditions to ensure quality, reliability and durability, and are backed by a 12 month / 20,000Km warranty.

Specifically designed, and tested to meet Australian Design Rules, Hyundai Genuine Parts are made to the highest standards to help protect the investment you’ve made in your Hyundai. They are:

  • Guaranteed to fit
  • Guaranteed to perform
  • Guaranteed Genuine

Don’t settle for second best
Hyundai Genuine Parts are manufactured by the people who built your Hyundai and in addition to ensuring optimal performance, they can add to the resale value of your vehicle.

On the other hand, use of non-genuine or second-hand parts could lead to damage that might not be covered by your extensive Hyundai New Vehicle Warranty.

Even more importantly, each new Hyundai has been engineered and built to achieve the highest levels of occupant safety. The use on non-genuine parts could lead to an accident, or compromise the functioning of one of your vehicle’s many active and passive safety devices that have been designed to protect you and your family. That’s why it really makes good sense to insist on Hyundai Genuine Parts.

Genuine Parts

Air Filter

Hyundai Genuine Air Filters utilize the latest filtering technology to block the majority of airborne dust and debris from entering your engine, offering maximum protection and durability. This ensures maximum engine performance, minimizes flat spots under acceleration and optimizes fuel economy. Hyundai Genuine Air Filters have a high number of fins to retain debris whilst maintaining optimum air flow into the engine.

Brake Pad

Hyundai Genuine Brake Pads have a medium to high co-efficient of friction, resulting in dependable and consistent braking performance. Brakes are one of the most fundamental parts of a vehicle where safety is concerned. Genuine brakes have been tested in all weather conditions. Unlike many imitation parts, Hyundai Genuine parts will fit your vehicle perfectly, without the need for adjustment or excessive force.

Clutch Disc

The Hyundai Genuine Clutch Disc is installed between the engine and transmission and is the fuse in the vehicles’ running system. It normalizes irregular engine shocks coming from the wheels during a slip or damper of the clutch. A quality clutch enables smooth gear changes to be made, with a positive and un-obstructive motion.

Imitation clutches not only tend to wear out more rapidly, but can also make gear changing difficult, which can in turn lead to increased gearbox wear, as well as a less pleasurable driving experience.

Fuel Filter

Compact and light Hyundai Genuine Fuel Filters utilize the latest filtering technology. They block dirt particles and other contaminants from entering your engine and are treated with a high-quality anti-corrosion finish to prevent possible rust caused by water collected by the filter.

Oil Filter

Hyundai Genuine Oil Filters offer the best protection for your engine, which will ensure that you get the best performance from your engine for many years to come. They maintain high performance and prolong the life of your engine, and help to avoid costly repairs. Specially developed Hyundai Genuine Oil Filters highly improve filtering capacity and are compact and lightweight, while maintaining a high filtration surface area to protect valuable components.

Timing Belt

A timing belt controls and connects related engine components (crankshaft, camshaft) to operate in set time and achieve smooth engine strokes of suction, compression, combustion and exhaust. Hyundai Genuine Timing Belts are durable because they are protected by fabric jackets. This construction offers high resistance against temperatures ranging from -40°C to +140°C.